Package util

Interface Summary
INames interface for an object with a regular human name

Class Summary
Configuration see 'Program Generators using Java and XML' by J.
IDFactory collection of string id's; all keys are lowerCase ascii7; createUniqueID() returns a string which is added to this collection length of keys can be limited by setMaxLength()
Name_NL parses a formatted name (lang NL) maintains separate parts of name; composes standard formats
Names2ID assemble legal ID-string from 3 name parts (last name, first name, infix name) verwerking van het bekende 'van de' probleem ( lang=NL ) <>infix between first and last name is common in dutch spelling folklore.
Person representation of a real life person with person id and (system)user id
TxtReport base class for text report; comma-separated, tab-delimited or free form (space delimited)
Usage picks up file 'usage.txt' on class path and show in AWT text window